Fire Safety Sprinkler Maintenance & Servicing

Fire sprinkler systems protect property from fires and keep people safe in buildings. A qualified professional should routinely maintain and service fire protection systems in any type of commercial or residential setting. Our fully accredited team can help with regular checks. We can also take care of any emergency sprinkler repairs.

We conduct fire safety sprinkler system servicing in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, London or Kent and the surrounding areas.

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Fire Sprinkler System Servicing: UK Legal Requirements

Any fire safety sprinkler system in the UK requires regular services in order to comply with the BS9251 British Fire Safety Standards and LPC rules for automatic sprinkler installations incorporating BSEN12845.

This essential job ensures that fire sprinkler systems function properly when necessary and do not malfunction. Most UK businesses must have regular fire sprinkler service to keep their insurance policy valid.

It’s important for landlords and building managers to regularly test sprinklers to comply with the law.

Our Fire Sprinkler INSPECTION Service

Qualified professionals conduct all our work methodically and efficiently.

Different fire sprinkler systems work in various ways. It takes around 60 minutes for a home sprinkler service, while a commercial system may take a whole day. Our team will carry out this work with minimal disruption.

During a fire safety sprinkler inspection, we usually carry out the below tasks and fire sprinkler safety checks as a minimum:

  • Flow and pressure of the water supply are checked.
  • Sprinkler pipework and heads are checked.
  • Flow switches, test valves, control valves, and any other equipment are checked.
  • Any linked alarm systems will also be checked and tested.

If any issues arise, the majority of these can be resolved on the same day.

Once the fire safety sprinkler inspection is complete, we will provide you with a report and recertification for your compliance. We can usually supply this the same day thanks to our digital testing system.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

What is a fire sprinkler?

Fire safety sprinklers can be found in homes, businesses, and offices to provide essential protection in the event of a fire. They can help to give people more time to escape a building in the event of a fire. They also reduce the cost of fire damage.

Fire sprinkler systems should be regularly maintained and serviced to ensure they function properly when needed, as they can save lives. Find out more about residential fire sprinkler servicing here.

How do fire sprinklers work?

Sprinklers react to heat. When the temperature in a room fitted with a sprinkler reaches a certain temperature, typically 68 degrees (this is also dependant on the temperature head installed as some areas such as boiler rooms and kitchens require higher temperature heads), the bulb will break releasing a plug and the sprinkler will spray water across the room and suppress the fire that has caused the rise in temperature.

Are fire sprinklers mandatory?

Fire sprinkler systems in the UK must abide by BS9251 British Fire Safety Standards and LPC rules for automatic sprinkler installations incorporating BSEN12845. In most cases sprinklers will be required in newly constructed high-rise accommodation above 11 metres.

In addition, mandatory fire suppression systems (which include sprinkler systems) are required in new houses and flats, care homes, registered group homes, and sheltered housing. Get in touch with the Fire Control Services team if you would like to know more about fire sprinkler systems, servicing, and maintenance.

How often do fire sprinklers need to be serviced?

A sprinkler system should be inspected at least once a year by a professional fire safety engineer for domestic and up to four times a year for commercial properties. A sprinkler service from Fire Control Services would meet all the requirements set out by the British Standard.

How effective are fire sprinklers?

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), ‘Flame damage was confined to the room of origin in 95 percent of fires compared to 71 percent of fires without Automatic Extinguishers Systems/Sprinklers’. Sprinklers are an effective fire deterrent, which is why they should be kept regularly maintained.

Where can I get a fire sprinkler service?

Our team provides fire safety equipment servicing and maintenance to businesses and buildings across East Anglia, including Norfolk, London, Essex, Kent, and the surrounding areas. Learn more about Fire Control Services or get in touch for a quote!

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