UK Fire Hydrant Testing & Maintenance

Fire hydrants are usually located under a road or path and are installed for use by fire fighters. The fire hydrant provides a continuous supply or water, at pressure, from the mains. Any fire hydrant on your premises must be checked and maintained by professionals to comply with UK fire hydrant regulations.

We offer a comprehensive, affordable fire hydrant testing service so you can be confident your fire hydrant will perform when needed. Our service is available across the south and east of the UK, including Southampton, London and Norfolk.

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UK Fire Hydrant Regulations: Testing & Legal Requirements

Fire hydrant testing is vital to ensure any mechanical problems such as leaks and valves are discovered and repaired. They’re also important to check that the hydrant doesn’t become clogged or inaccessible when needed in an emergency.

In order to comply with UK fire hydrant regulations BS9990:2015, hydrants must undergo an annual test and inspection. We recommend carrying out a visual inspection every six months to ensure there are no obvious issues that need attention.

Our UK Fire Hydrant Testing Service

We conduct both visual and tests at pressure to ensure the fire hydrant functions properly. Our team of qualified professionals will meticulously carry out the below works:

What’s included in our 12 Monthly Fire Hydrant Service?

  • Visual inspection of above-ground hydrant frame, cover, the surrounding surface and hydrant indicator place
  • Visual inspection of the underground chamber, the hydrant, and outlet caps and valves
  • Wet pressure test to identify any signs of leakage
  • Static pressure test
  • Flow test
  • If any parts appear to be worn or missing, we will replace these usually on the same day.

We will provide a comprehensive testing report and compliance certificate, usually on the same day thanks to our bespoke digital testing system.

Where in the UK can we provide Fire Hydrant Testing?

Our fire hydrant testing service is available in Kent, Norfolk, London, Essex and the surrounding areas. If you want to know if we can provide fire hydrant testing in your area contact the Fire Control Services team today.

How often do fire hydrants need to be tested?

UK fire hydrant regulations require fire hydrants to be tested annually. This is true of commercial and private fire hydrants. Fire hydrants should always be tested and maintained by a reliable and regulated fire hydrant testing service such as Fire Control Services.

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