Fire Extinguisher Servicing and Inspection

We provide a thorough assessment of all the fire extinguishers in your building. We will:

  • Assess key components
  • Ensure they meet with any legal requirements according to the Fire Safety Act
  • Ensure you have the right class of fire extinguishers
  • Ensure that this essential fire safety equipment is in working and operational order
  • Resolve any issues identified, usually the same day.

We offer service agreements for all types of commercial fire safety equipment – ask us today for a bespoke quote. All work is fully insured and our team of fully accredited engineers is ready to help.

BS9990:2015 British Standard

Fire Extinguisher Inspection: Legal Requirements

In accordance with the Regulatory Reform Order 2005 (also known as the Fire Safety Order), all UK-based businesses must undergo annual fire extinguisher inspections. Failure to adhere to these requirements can jeopardise people’s safety. It can also impact the validity of any company insurance policies.

Regardless of the different types of fire extinguisher you have, whether they are cartridge operated or stored, we provide fire extinguisher maintenance and testing for any type of fire extinguishers product. We also provide the testing of dry and wet risers and sprinkler systems in building as well.

Fire extinguisher testing service

Now we’ve established that your fire extinguishers need to be tested and serviced annually, let’s get you booked in! You can trust our team to deliver a quality service at an affordable price. Annual servicing should happen without disruption or hassle to your business.

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