Affordable, UK Dry Riser Servicing

At Fire Control Services (UK), we offer comprehensive and cost-effective dry riser testing for commercial and residential properties across the country. As a trusted and established UK Fire Safety business, we have a superb reputation proving dependable and quality dry riser servicing that meets all regulatory standards in the U.K.

If we carry out a routine service and any unscheduled work needs to take place, in almost all cases, we are equipped to be able to take care of those repairs on the same day. This always helps us provide an effective service at an affordable price with the least disruption to you.

Dry Riser Servicing contracts

Whether you have a single property, or you have hundreds of commercial outlets; the team at Fire Control Services are equipped to be able to handle dry riser maintenance contracts of any size.

We offer highly-competitive dry riser maintenance pricing and can provide you with a fully-managed service where we take care of the dry risers, sprinklers, and fire extinguishers throughout your property.

If you have responsibility for a building or site, then you will most likely have a dry riser that needs servicing. If this is the case, then you should be aware of the legal requirements to get your dry riser serviced periodically.

How Often Should Dry Risers Be Serviced?

Under UK regulations, BS9990:2015 dictates that dry risers need to be wet tested at least once a year and visually inspected once every 6 months.

Professional UK Dry Riser Testing

Dry Riser Testing isn’t simply a matter of meeting with the UK dry riser regulations in the U.K, and it is also an essential health and safety consideration for both residential and commercial premises.

Due to the materials used, dry risers can often fall victim to thieves who take what they can and sell the parts for money. If this happens, the dry risers will not function adequately in the event of a fire.

How often do you perform a visual inspection of your dry risers?

The legal requirements dictate that at least once every 6 months your dry risers need to be inspected. The first of these checks is simply a visual inspection; the second is a full wet-test at pressure to ensure the dry riser requirement functions properly under pressure.

We offer service agreements for commercial dry riser testing – ask us today for customised pricing.

Dry Riser Servicing

When we conduct regulatory dry riser servicing and maintenance, we routinely ensure that at six-month intervals, the below schedule of works is meticulously carried out by qualified dry riser testing professionals.

12 monthly Full Dry Riser Service

  • We will fully-inspect all of the working parts of the system to ensure complete compliance with the BS9990:2015 standard.
  • All of the landing valves will be fully opened and closed, and any mechanic workings will be adequately greased.
  • Monitor the equipment fully for at least 15-minutes
  • We will drain any water, and replace any plugs, caps, and seals.
  • If any parts appear to be worn or missing, we will replace these usually on the same day.
  • We will charge the dry riser system with water and correctly pressurize it.
  • Provide a comprehensive testing report and certificate for your insurance / records.
6 monthly Full Dry Riser Service

This is a full visual dry riser inspection that includes all of the above-mentioned points, with the exception of the pressure test / wet test as this is only required once a year.

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