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We have a superb reputation for providing comprehensive and cost-effective dry riser maintenance, dry riser testing and servicing. We work in commercial and residential properties across the south and east of the UK, including Southampton, London and Norwich. Our low-cost dry riser inspection service in the UK meets all regulations and causes minimal disruption to you. We fully insure all work and are BAFE SP105 accredited, giving you that little extra peace of mind.

If we find any unexpected work during the inspection, we can usually handle the dry riser repairs on the same day.

Thieves can be tempted to steal dry risers and sell the parts for money due to the materials used in their construction. If this happens, the dry risers will not function adequately if there is a fire. We can also offer dry riser anti-theft solutions to keep your equipment safe.

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Dry Riser Testing: Legal Requirements

Dry riser maintenance and servicing is an essential health and safety consideration for any premises. But it’s also a legal requirement. BS9990:2015 dictates that dry risers need to be wet tested at least once a year and visually inspected once every 6 months.

Our Dry Riser maintenance and Testing Service

We conduct both visual and wet tests at pressure to ensure the dry riser functions properly. Our team of qualified dry riser testing professionals will meticulously carry out the below schedule of work:

Frequently Asked Questions About Dry Riser Maintenance

What is a dry riser?

A dry riser system in a building is a set of pipes that enables fire fighters to access pressurised water during a fire. A dry riser allows fire fighters to quickly provide water to different floors of a large building. It is essential to put out fires in upper floors.

There will be water inlet connections on an external wall or fire escape. Fire services can pump pressurised water into valves and effectively put out any fires.

Why do you need to keep a dry riser regularly maintained?

Dry risers need to be well maintained and ready to use in the event of a fire. They are a lifesaving piece of fire safety equipment. A regular servicing contract should be a priority for any building owner or manager.

How often should dry risers be tested?

Dry risers should have a pressure test every 12 months, and a visual inspection every 6 months. At the 12 month servicing, a fire safety engineer will fill the system with water and pressurise it for 15 minutes. They will then fully drain the system. Generally, any repairs can be made on the same day.

During the 6-month visual inspection, all valves will be opened, lubricated and checked for damage.

What are the dry riser maintenance requirements?

BS9990:2015 dictates that dry risers need to be wet tested at least once a year and visually inspected once every 6 months. It is a British legal requirement, so should be done by a quality fire safety professional.

How much does dry riser maintenance/servicing cost?

Contact us on 01634 361177, email [email protected] or use our contact form to request a quote.

What happens if a dry riser maintenance is missed?

Failure to have regular dry riser maintenance could invalidate your insurance. On a more serious note, if a fault or repair is not spotted, it could result in the loss of life, and extensive fire damage that may have been preventable with a functioning dry riser.

How can I get a dry riser tested?

At Fire Control Services we offer both a 6 month visual inspection a 12 month full pressure test and repairs for dry risers and other fire safety equipment. Always seek out a professional to service your dry riser.

Where do Fire Control Services provide dry riser maintenance?

Our team provides fire safety equipment servicing and maintenance to businesses and buildings across East Anglia, including Norfolk, London, Essex, Kent, and the surrounding areas. Learn more about Fire Control Services or get in touch for a quote.

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