Dry riser testing, servicing, maintenance and repair services

We have a superb reputation for providing comprehensive and cost-effective dry riser testing and servicing for commercial and residential properties across the south and east of the UK, including Southampton, London and Norwich. Our affordable service meets all regulatory standards in the UK and is carried out with minimal disruption to you. All work is fully insured.

If, on inspection, any unscheduled work needs to take place, in almost all cases, we are equipped to be able to take care of those repairs on the same day.

Due to the materials used, dry risers can often fall victim to thieves who take what they can and sell the parts for money. If this happens, the dry risers will not function adequately in the event of a fire. We can also offer dry riser anti-theft solutions to keep your equipment safe.

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Dry Riser Servicing: Legal Requirements

Dry riser servicing is an essential health and safety consideration for any premises. But it’s also a legal requirement. BS9990:2015 dictates that dry risers need to be wet tested at least once a year and visually inspected once every 6 months.

Our Dry Riser Testing Service

We conduct both visual and wet tests at pressure to ensure the dry riser functions properly. Our team of qualified dry riser testing professionals will meticulously carry out the below schedule of work:

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