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How they work

Fire sprinklers are fire prevention systems that are automatically activated soon after a fire has been ignited. As the heat from a fire rises towards the sprinkler head, a glass filled with heat sensitive gases and liquids will expand.

Sprinklers are designed so that individual sprinkler heads can be activated without triggering other sprinklers. Sprinklers will only activate once they have reached the designed activation temperature of the individual sprinkler. This means that the water that is expelled from them is concentrated only on the area that requires it.

While a wet pipe (water) system is the most common, there are other types of sprinkler system:

  • Pre-action fire sprinkler systems only disperse water once it's two trigger requirements have been met. Firstly, once smoke is detected, it sounds an alarm and arms the sprinklers with water from the pipes. The second trigger is the sprinkler head itself. Once it's glass or seals have been broken, the water will be dispersed. This means that false alarms or mechanical failures will not cause any unnecessary damage.
  • A Dry Pipe sprinkler system is filled with compressed air. Once the sprinkler head has been broken, it will quickly disperse the compressed air. This causes the pressure in the pipes to drop, allowing water to fill the system. This type of system has a slower reaction time than the conventional wet system.
  • A Deluge sprinkler system is similar to a pre-action system where the pipes are filled with air until a heat or smoke detector is activated, causing water to fill the system. However, a deluge system has open sprinkler heads, meaning that once the system has been filled with water, all sprinkler heads installed will activate and expel the water.

What we do

At Fire Control Services, we ensure all maintenance work will be carried out to the highest standard, using only directly employed staff giving the client the confidence in knowing all work is performed by an LPCB approved contractor. We ensure that our maintenance is carried out in accordance with BS EN 12845 LPC Rules for automatic sprinkler installations.